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2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Natural Science Emphasis: General Transfer Major, A.S.

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Students planning to enter biology, entomology, food technology, forestry, general science, marine biology, microbiology, veterinary medicine, optometry, wildlife management, zoology or other areas of study related to biology should consider this curriculum.

This guide reflects the core graduation requirements for TBR schools but does not provide the transfer student with all of the prerequisites for junior level courses. Please consult the footnotes and the pre-professional advisor.

Summary of Required Hours

Course Title Credit Hours
Freshman Fall Spring
1  4  
1    4
2  3  
Total 14 14
3  4  
3    4
4History Sequence  3 3
5Humanities/Fine Arts Electives  6 3
Total 16 16

1Some senior institutions require an additional Biology course (BIOL 1130  ) to complete the General Biology sequence.

2Some senior institutions require additional math courses and some require MATH 1910  and 1920  .

3Some senior institutions may require PHYS 2110  and 2120  .

4Students who seek an associate of arts or associate of science degree should take the history sequence required by the senior institution. To transfer to a TBR university, students should take a six-hour sequence in American History. One course in Tennessee History may be substituted for one course in American History. To transfer to a UT system institution, students should refer to the articulation agreement with that particular college.

5At least one literature course is required.

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