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2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED]

» Advisory Groups and CSCC Foundation

Athens Site Advisory Council

Ms. Tangela Arnwine—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Ralph Baldwin—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Scott Bowman—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Mr. William Buchanan—Decatur, Tenn.
Ms. Linda Caldwell—Etowah, Tenn.
Ms. Emily Cate—Guinn—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Mike Doughty—Athens, Tenn.
Dr. Bill Emendorfer—Athens, Tenn.
Dr. Floyd Falany—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. John Gentry—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Robert Greene—Decatur, Tenn.
Mr. Jack Hammontree—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Janice Hardaway—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Steve Harmon—Decatur, Tenn.
Mr. David Hill—Etowah, Tenn.
Ms. Kelley Mack—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Barbara Peck—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. William Perkinson—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Shirley Phillips—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. David Pierce—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Connie Queen—Athens, Tenn.
Dr. Craig D. Rigell—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Sherry Rogers—Etowah, Tenn.
Mr. Stewart Smith—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. George Tindell—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Durrant Tullock—Etowah, Tenn.
Mr. David Watts—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Ms. Sherra Witt—Cleveland, Tenn.

Athletic Advisory Council

Mr. Jim Cigliano—Cleveland, Tenn.
Dr. Carl Hite—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Rick Lawson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Sherry Miller—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Mike Policastro—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Mark Smith—Cleveland, Tenn.
Dr. Michael Stokes—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Sherra Witt—Cleveland, Tenn.

Business Technology Advisory Council

Mr. Jack Allen—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Sherry Bryant—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Jason Calfee—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Brandy Cooper–Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Lisa (Coffey) Dailey–Charleston, Tenn.
Ms. Georgia Gann—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Martha Hammond Dodge–Sweetwater, Tenn.
Mr. David Johnson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. David Kirkland—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Terry Leonard—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Daniel Peterson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Steve Stewart—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Jesse Taylor—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Mr. Tony Tinsley—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Trey White—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Tracy Wilson—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Kimberly York–Athens, Tenn.

Early Childhood Education Advisory Council

Ms. Donna Bloom—Cleveland, Tenn.
Dr. Pam Browning—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Jennifer Buol—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Cheryl Coffman—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Rebecca Daniel—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Rachel David—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Wendy Davis—Delano, Tenn.
Ms. Jackie Hill—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Dr. Carl Hite—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Shannon Holt-Harris—Vonore, Tenn.
Ms. Margaret Horten—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Janet Ingram–Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Brenda Langston—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Jenann Lay—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Aranda Pruitt—Morristown, Tenn.
Ms. Beverly Stansell—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Monica Stone—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Sheronda Thompson–Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Patty Weaver—Vonore, Tenn.
Ms. Sandy Whetmore—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Fred Wood—Cleveland, Tenn.

Emergency Medical Technician Advisory Council

Mr. Larry Billingsley—Pikeville, Tenn.
Mr. Bruce Collins—Etowah, Tenn.
Ms. Debbie Cox—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Mr. Sonny Hayes—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. David Lawson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Dr. David Linn—Knoxville, Tenn.
Mr. Jamie Nicholson—Etowah, Tenn.
Ms. Donna Robinson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Robert Sherwood—Calhoun, Tenn.

Human Services/Social Work Advisory Council

Ms. Mary Crabtree—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Angie Faulkner—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Kendra Gorentz—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Staci Graham—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Linda Howerton—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Diana Jackson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Suzanne Kelley—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Valerie Radu—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Reba Terry—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Patty Weaver—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Fred Wood—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Suzanne Wood—Cleveland, Tenn.

Industrial Technology Advisory Council

Mr. Paul Baggett—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. David Cantrell—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Sherry Crye–Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. David Johnson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Steve Johnson—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Mark Kress—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Jenny Miles—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. John Proffitt—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Arlette Robinson-Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Chris Spors—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Bob Taylor—Old Fort, Tenn.
Mr. Thomas Tripp—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Mr. Mike Wallace—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Renny Whittenbarger—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Jimmy Williams—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Shane Williams—Cleveland, Tenn.

Medical Assistant Advisory Council

Ms. Lisa Childers—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Joyce Everett—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Jennifer Evett–Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Mitzi Foster—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Kelly Maynor—Delano, Tenn.
Dr. Ann Marie Morgan—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Amy Ownby, LPN–Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Dorothy Phillips—Charleston, Tenn.
Ms. Jessica Prater—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Debbie Thompson—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Public Member
Current MA Student Representative

Monroe County Business and Industry Advisory Council

Mr. Art Becker—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Mr. Larry Bowlby—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Tom Bradshaw—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Ms. Kim Brewster—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Mark Clinton—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Ms. Arlene Gimondo—Vonore, Tenn.
Ms. Charlene Hampton—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Don Knight—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Paul Pearson—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Greg Stanley—Vonore, Tenn.
Ms. Shannon Swanson—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Mr. William Wells—Madisonville, Tenn.
Ms. Ben Yorks—Vonore, Tenn.

Nursing Advisory Council

Ms. Margie Brusseau—Athens, Tenn.
Ms. Susan Burkett—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Helen Deason—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Bernadette Deprez—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Dr. Rodney Fitzgerald—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Laura Franklin—Cleveland, Tenn.
Ms. Valerie Fuchcar—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Lori Hammon—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Carol Hoffman—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Esmerelda Lee—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Scott Madaris—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Charlynne Parsons—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ms. Jill Steelman—Chattanooga, Tenn.

Public and Government Service Advisory Council

Mr. Gregg Breeden—Madisonville, Tenn.
Mr. Eddie Byrum—Sweetwater, Tenn.
Mr. Joe Guy—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Fred Fuson—Chattanooga, Tenn.
Mr. Jim Ruth—Cleveland, Tenn.
Mr. Frank Horning—Athens, Tenn.
Mr. Donald J. Nicholson, Jr.—Delano, Tenn.

Tennessee Marine Technology Advisory Council

Ms. Leneen Evans—Vonore, Tenn.
Ms. Holly Fiegle—Loudon, Tenn.
Mr. Ron Hammontree—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Peter Hedger—Maryville, Tenn.
Ms. Denise Hill—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Jerry L. Little—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Charlie Reeves—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Scott Shanley—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. Greg Stanley—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. David Wade—Vonore, Tenn.
Ms. Cheryl West—Vonore, Tenn.
Mr. William Wells—Madisonville, Tenn.
Mr. Steve Wolf—Vonore, Tenn.

CSCC Foundation

The Cleveland State Community College Foundation was chartered in 1971 by a group of civic, business and community leaders in cooperation with college officials. Since 1971, with the generous and consistent gifts of local friends of education and supporters of Cleveland State, the Foundation has provided over $3 million dollars in scholarships to over 4,500 students attending Cleveland State Community College. In 1986 Cleveland State became the first community college Foundation in Tennessee to reach a million dollar scholarship endowment and the current assets of the Foundation are more than $6 million dollars. Below are the scholarships that have been endowed since 1976.

Executive Board

Mr. Coleman Foss, President
Mr. Steve Robinson, Vice President and Investment Chair
Mr. Keith Barrett, Secretary
Mr. Harry Trewhitt, Treasurer
Mr. Ron Braam, Development Chair
Mr. Denny Mobbs, Scholarship Chair
Mrs. Debra Miller, Project Y.O.U. Chair
Mr. Jeff Morelock, Membership Chair
Mrs. Veronica Fox, Member-at-Large
Mr. Lou Patten, Member-at-Large
Mr. Matt Bentley, Past President
Mr. Mike Callaway, Legal Counsel
Dr. Carl Hite, Ex—Officio, CSCC President

Board of Trustees

Mr. Rich Appeldoorn
Mr. Mike Baker
Dr. Mary Barker
Mr. Bill Barkley
Mr. Keith Barrett
Mrs. Barbara Baxter
Mr. Matt Bentley
Mr. Sam Bettis
Mr. Ron Braam
Mr. Mike Callaway
Mr. Jonathan Cantrell
Mrs. Amy Card—Lillios
Mr. David Fair
Mr. Coleman Foss
Mrs. Veronica Fox
Mrs. Georgia Gann
Mr. Johnny Holden
Mr. Matt Jenne
Mr. S. K. Johnston Jr.
Mr. Don Lorton
Mr. Jim Mayfield
Mr. Sam McReynolds
Mr. Jim Mercer
Ms. Debra Miller
Mr. Denny Mobbs
Mr. Jeff Morelock
Mr. Scott Morris
Mr. Lou Patten
Mr. Paul Pullen
Mr. Steve Robinson
Mr. John Sheehan
Ms. Susan Shelton
Mr. Mark Smith
Mr. Scott Taylor
Mr. Harry Trewhitt
Mr. Joe Waters
Mr. James O. Williams
Mr. Paul Willson

Endowed Scholarships

  • Andrew J. and Marchie Cloud Scholarship
  • Anonymous
  • Barry McCaskill Memorial Scholarship
  • Bryant and Madge Dupree Memorial Scholarship
  • Courtney F. McGrady Memorial Scholarship
  • Don M. Geren Business Incubator Scholarship
  • Meredith Lane Carrick Family Scholarship
  • Marilyn Fillers Endowment Scholarship
  • Professor Sue Haynes Martel Scholarship
  • Ralph Buckner Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Regions Bank/Amsouth Scholarship
  • Susan Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship
  • The Abraham and Nora Kimbrough Lillard Memorial Scholarship
  • The Agape Love Foundation Scholarship
  • The Alex Nichols Memorial Scholarship
  • The Allied—Signal Inc. Bendix Friction Metal Division Scholarship
  • The American Uniform Company Scholarship
  • The Amy Card—Lillios Scholarship Enrollment Fund
  • The Ann Almond Pope Scholarship
  • The Ann Morelock Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ann Vaughn Memorial Scholarship
  • The Arch Chemical Company Scholarship
  • The Arch Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ben Longley Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ben and Peggy Crox Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ben M. Crox Sr., Bessie Bryant Crox and Fike Funeral Home Scholarship
  • The Ben S. and Mary W. Moore Scholarship
  • The Benton Banking Company Scholarship
  • The Benton Enterprises Scholarship
  • The B & J Construction Company Scholarship
  • The Betsy Vines Memorial Scholarship
  • The Betty Bull Memorial Scholarship
  • The Bishop Baking Company Scholarship
  • The Bowater/Central Labor Unions Scholarship
  • The Bowater Inc. Scholarship
  • The Braam Family Scholarship
  • The Bradley County Bar Association Scholarship
  • The Bradley County Medical Society Scholarship
  • The Branch Banking and Trust Scholarship
  • The Brown Stove Works, Inc. Scholarship
  • The Brown Stove Works, Inc. Free Enterprise Scholarship
  • The Bruce Markstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Buddy and Opal Neely Memorial Scholarship
  • The Buford M. Guy, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Burch Glenn Biggs Memorial Scholarship
  • The Calfee Pontiac—Cadillac—Mazda Scholarship
  • The Carl and Irene Murray Scholarship
  • The Carl Cooke Family Scholarship
  • The Charlie and Jessie Mullinax Scholarship
  • The Charles H. Sprankle Memorial Scholarship
  • The Charles L. Almond Scholarship
  • The Chassie Dillard Business and Professional Women Scholarship
  • The Chip and Harold Memorial Scholarship
  • The Cities Service Scholarship
  • The Citizens National Bank Scholarship
  • The Citizens Scholarship
  • The Claxton Goodner Memorial Scholarship
  • The Cleveland Civitan Club Scholarship
  • The Cleveland Daily Banner Scholarship
  • The Cleveland Elks Lodge Scholarship
  • The Cleveland Kiwanis Club Scholarship
  • The Col. John Smeltzer Memorial Scholarship
  • The Colonel and Mrs. C. F. Kelly Scholarship
  • The Colonel and Mrs. James F. Corn Sr. Scholarship
  • The Colonel James M. Stubb, Sr. Scholarship
  • The Cooke Manufacturing Company Scholarship
  • The Cooke’s Food Store Scholarship
  • The Coppinger Color Lab Scholarship
  • The CSCC Alumni Association
  • The CSCC Student Government Association Scholarship
  • The Darlene Longley Memorial Scholarship
  • The David D. Adkisson Scholarship
  • The David Vandiver Memorial Scholarship
  • The Debra Miller Project Y.O.U. Scholarship
  • The Dennis W. Grape Memorial/Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
  • The D. F. Adkisson Scholarship
  • The Doris E. Barkley Scholarship
  • The Dr. Cecil H. and Annette Stanbery Scholarship
  • The Dr. George L. Mathis Scholarship
  • The Dr. Irene Pace Millsaps Memorial Scholarship
  • The Dr. John Cook Memorial Scholarship
  • The Dr. Joseph and Evelyn McCoin Memorial Scholarship
  • The Dr. Scholl Foundation Scholarship
  • The Ducktown Banking Company/Home Bank Scholarship
  • The Duracell USA Scholarships
  • The Easy Auto Scholarships 1 and 2
  • The Edward G. Sharpe Memorial Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth Brown Milne Memorial Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth Simpson Scholarship
  • The Emily Penney Blake and Robert A. Blake Memorial Scholarship
  • The Eric B. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Eugene Callaway Family Scholarship
  • The Faculty Professional Development Scholarship
  • The First Bank of Polk County Scholarship
  • The First Tennessee Bank Scholarship
  • The Frank Thomas Manly and Elizabeth Cate Manly Memorial Scholarship
  • The Fred and Nancy Miller Scholarship
  • The Fred E. and Phyllis B. Zeller Scholarship
  • The George and Evelyn Carroll Scholarship
  • The George Castings Sr. Scholarship
  • The Gincy Trehitt Stutz Memorial Scholarship
  • The Gray Epperson Scholarship
  • The Grover C. Brown Scholarship
  • The Hal Jernigan Memorial Scholarship
  • The Hall Chevrolet Scholarship
  • The Hank Smith Scholarship
  • The Hardwick Stove Company Scholarships
  • The Harry Trewhitt and Children Scholarship
  • The Headrick Family Memorial Scholarship
  • The Henry M. Barkley Memorial Scholarship
  • The Hi—Lo Industries Scholarship
  • The Home Bank/Ducktown Banking Company Scholarship
  • The Howard H. Kuhns Scholarship
  • The Hugh W. Walker Family Scholarship
  • The Inez Clemmer Scholarship
  • The Insurance Incorporated Scolarship
  • The Irene Guinn Mathis Scholarship
  • The James D. and Ruth M. Hynes Scholarship
  • The James Inman Evans, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The James J. and Margaret H. Everhart Scholarship
  • The James M. Stubbs Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Jan McCallum Darden, BSN, RN Scholarship
  • The Jeff and Melanie Rogers Scholarship
  • The J. Hallman Bell Memorial Scholarship
  • The J. Mack Hall Scholarship
  • The Joe Little Scholarship
  • The John and Elizabeth Meiler and Bradley Healthcare Foundation Scholarship
  • The John E. Mayfield Scholarship
  • The John H. Bivens Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • The John M. Dunlap Scholarship
  • The John Milne, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The J. Robert Savage Memorial Scholarship
  • The Katharine Trewhitt Scholarship
  • The Kathryn Johnson Scholarship
  • The Kay and Parks Fillauer Scholarship
  • The Kenneth H. Brown Scholarship
  • The Kimbrough Family Scholarship
  • The Knights of Columbus Cleveland Council 4572 Scholarship
  • The Leonard C. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship
  • The Life Care Centers of America Scholarship
  • The Lila and Don Lorton Scholarship
  • The Lillard Family Scholarship
  • The Lisa Vandergriff Rose Memorial Scholarship
  • The Lois Howe Memorial Scholarship
  • The Loyd Haile, Sr. Memorial-Geriatric Nursing Scholarship
  • The L. Quentin Lane Scholarship
  • The Luke Lea Harle Memorial Scholarship
  • The Magic Chef Foundation Scholarship
  • The Manufacturer’s Chemical LP Scholarship
  • The Mary T. Barker Scholarship
  • The Miriam Ash Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • The Marie Engers Callaway Memorial Scholarship
  • The Mark Dausy Memorial Scholarship
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Matsushita Refrigeration Company Scholarship
  • The Mayfield Dairy Farms, Inc. Scholarship
  • The Mayfield Family Scholarship
  • The Mayor Harry L. Dethero and Ruth Rymer Scholarship
  • The Maytag—Cleveland Cooking Products Scholarship
  • The McKenzie Family Scholarship
  • The M&M Mars Inc. Scholarship
  • The Moisan Family Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Arch Fitzgerald Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. George Thorogood Sr. Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Almond Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Herman Collins Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cooke Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. John L. Brewer Sr. Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Reeves Brown Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Rymer Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Mrs. David H. Neil Scholarship
  • The Mrs. Frances E. Taylor Scholarship
  • The Nancy K. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Nell Higgins Memorial Scholarship
  • The Norma Davis Service Scholarship
  • The Odessa Adkisson Scholarship
  • The Olin Corporation Scholarship
  • The Pace Family Memorial Scholarship
  • The Patrick Hanks Athletic Scholarship
  • The Paul and Lela Wagner Family Scholarship
  • The Paul B. Taylor Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Pearson B. Mayfield Jr. Scholarship
  • The People’s Bank of Polk County Scholarship
  • The Permna Color Corporation Scholarship
  • The Pilot Club of Cleveland Scholarship
  • The Pledger and Jackie Wattenbarger Scholarship
  • The Pioneer Credit Company Scholarship
  • The R. Doyle and Polly Fowler Family Athletic Scholarship
  • The Reba Queen Absher ScholarshipThe Red Food Stores Scholarship
  • The Red Wing Exterminating Company Scholarship
  • The Reeves Brown III Memorial Scholarship
  • The Reeves Brown IV Memorial Scholarship
  • The Regions Bank/AmSouth Scholarship
  • The Richard E. (Gene) Miller Scholarship
  • The River Counties Association of Realtors Scholarship
  • The Robinson Supply Company/Walter Robinson Family Scholarship
  • The Rosa Lee Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Rotary Club of Cleveland Scholarship
  • The Roy G. Lillard Memorial Scholarship
  • The Sam and Anne McReynolds Scholarship
  • The Sam Fair/Sertoma Club of Cleveland
  • The Scott Ratterman Memorial Scholarship
  • The September 11Public Service Scholarship
  • The S. K. Johnston, Sr. Memorial Coca—Cola Scholarships
  • The Specialty Chemical Company Scholarship
  • The Shela Kirkpatrick Memorial Scholarship
  • The Stamper’s Scholarship
  • The Sue Sharp Scholarship
  • The SunTrust/American National Bank and Trust Scholarship
  • The T. C. Bower Memorial Scholarship
  • The Timothy A. Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Thomas Cartter Lupton Scholarship
  • The Todd Brooks Memorial Scholarship
  • The VFW Scholarship
  • The W. A. (Bill) Jones Memorial Scholarship
  • The Walter and Sheila Presswood Family Scholarship
  • The Walter G. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Warnie Finnell March of Dimes Scholarship
  • The Wayne L. McCulley Scholarship
  • The Watson’s Supermarkets Scholarship
  • The Westvaco Company Scholarship
  • The Wholesale Supply Group Inc. Scholarship
  • The William E. “Bill” Torrence Scholarship
  • The Wilson A. Ledford Family Scholarship
  • The Wilson Ledford Scholarship
  • The W. J. McReynolds Scholarship
  • The Woman’s Club of Cleveland Scholarship
  • The Wright Brothers Construction Scholarship

Scholarship Funds in Progress

These scholarships were started with the goal of eventually raising enough money to provide an award. Anyone wishing to contribute to any fund or establish a new scholarship is encouraged to do so by contacting the Foundation Office at (423) 478-6206.

Harry Dean Memorial—Established by friends to honor his ___ years of teaching at Cleveland State.

James Cigliano Scholarship—Established by friends and family to honor his 38 years of service to the students at Cleveland State.