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2014-2015 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2014-2015 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED]

2014-2015 Catalog & Student Handbook

 Thank you for viewing the Cleveland State Community College Catalog. In the “old days” our catalog was a rather large printed book that you had to find before you could reference any information about the college or academic programs. With today’s technology we make this publication available online so you always have quick access to this important academic tool. We also like that this electronic version allows us to be more environmentally friendly.

If you are viewing this catalog as a prospective student, we hope that it provides a good understanding of our campus, academic programs, along with the many services designed to help you succeed. This one-stop-shop for information, along with the counsel of our Enrollment Services Staff and faculty advisors will help you get a great start at Cleveland State.

If you are a returning or continuing student, you already know how important this catalog is for planning your academic program and understanding campus policies and support services. We are happy you are back with us and we look forward to helping you complete your degree or certificate program.

Did you know that Cleveland State will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017? We have been serving Southeast Tennessee all this time; providing opportunities for everyone who wants a quality education and a great career. On top of that, CSCC has the lowest costs in the region allowing you to keep more of your money in your own pocket.

Did you also know that CSCC is the #1 choice of high school graduates in our service area (Bradley, Polk, McMinn, Meigs and Monroe counties)? More high school grads from these counties attend Cleveland State than any other college or university.

Cleveland State is also a great place for adult learners. Students 25 years and older make up a third of our campus population, and they find a comfortable environment here.

Last, but not least, did you know that in Tennessee graduates of 2-year colleges are making a higher first-year salary on average than graduates of 4-year colleges? How can you beat this combination: quality academics, best price and good paying jobs-all in your own back yard? We thank you for making the smart college choice. Have a great year!


Dr. William Seymour