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2023-2024 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2023-2024 Catalog & Student Handbook

» Advisory Councils and CSCC Foundation

Advanced Technologies Advisory Council

Mr. Chris Anziano - Charleston, Tennessee
Mr. Paul Baggett - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Stacy Beckler - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Justin Brenizer - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. David Cantrell - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Jeff Carson - Collegedale, Tennessee
Ms. Brenda Choate - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. John Clayton - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Monty Davis - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Brandon Dillon - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Chris DiGiovanni - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Bryan Hall - Madisonville, Tennessee
Mr. Mike Jackson - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Shawn Lingerfelt - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Jenny Miles - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Jack Phillips - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Lisa Pickel - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Elizabeth Pierce-Oswalt - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. John Proffitt - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Arlette Robinson - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Stephen Sanders - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Luke Thomason - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Brian Tippitt - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Renny Whittenbarger - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Tom Wilkerson - Charleston, Tennessee
Mr. Mike Williams - Athens, Tennessee

Business Advisory Council

Ms. Stacy Akin - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Joe Anderson - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Michelle Bowerman - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Pete Brummett - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Frank Bryant - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Jason Calfee - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Tammy Castleberry - Benton, Tennessee
Ms. Carmen Choat - Decatur, Tennessee
Ms. Emily Collins - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Patrick Collins - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. John Corum - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Lisa Coffey Dailey - Charleston, Tennessee
Mr. Sean Datcher - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Kim Dixon - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Sonja Dorgan - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Carl Driver - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Diana Elrod, Etowah, Tennessee
Ms. Janie Evans - Madisonville, Tennessee
Ms. Ginger Gobble - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Tony Gobble - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Ryan Goodman - Benton, Tennessee
Ms. Melissa Harris - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Mr. Randy Harris - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Brian Keele - Collegedale, Tennessee
Mr. William Lee - Athens, Tennessee
Dr. Martha Maddox - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Frenise Mann - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Jamie Medlin - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Andy Owens - Charleston, Tennessee
Ms. Jennifer Pennell-Aslinger - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Elizabeth Pierce-Oswalt - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Jonathan Pierce - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Jason Powers - Vonore, Tennessee
Ms. Arlette Robinson - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Dawn Scruggs - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Melissa Skidmore - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Jason Smith - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Jordan Stevens - Birmingham, Alabama
Ms. Cindy Storelli - Charleston, Tennessee
Mr. Jesse Taylor - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Lisa Tennyson - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Susan Vandergriff - Whitwell, Tennessee
Ms. Ashley Vaughn - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Anne Wagner - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Randy Warren - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. John White - Benton, Tennessee
Mr. Trey White - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Renny Whittenbarger - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Sherra Witt - Cleveland, Tennessee

Criminal Justice Advisory Council

Ms. Natalie Barrionuevo - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Jennifer Bledsoe - Madisonville, Tennessee
Mr. John Collins - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Clifford Couch - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Mike Hodges - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Greg Kersey - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Sarah McKinnis - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Melissa Owens - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Miranda Robinson - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Anthony Roddy - Dayton, Tennessee
Mr. Douglas Towne - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Gretrel Watkins - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Moreland Wilson - Chattanooga, Tennessee
CRMJ Student Representative

Early Childhood Education Advisory Council

Ms. Haley Anderson - Knoxville, Tennessee
Dr. Corey Campbell - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Winona Christiansen - Knoxville, Tennessee
Ms. Renee Curry - Cleveland, Tennessee
Dr. Brian Gerber - Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Dr. Patricia Ging - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Margaret Horten - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Janet Ingram - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Brenda Langston - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. Stephanie Pope - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Paul Puckett - Maryville, Tennessee
Ms. Kyra Rico - Cleveland, Tennessee
Dr. Valerie Rutledge - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Rachel Scruggs - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Erica Shamblin - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Monica Stone - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. Ryan Thompson - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Stefanie West - Athens, Tennessee
Dr. Sandy Whetmore - Cleveland, Tennessee
Dr. Kim Wingate - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. Michele Wollert - Signal Mountain, Tennessee
CSCC President
Current ECED Club Representative
ECED Student Representative

Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council

Ms. Samantha Bivens - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Mr. Jeffery Bodley - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. David Burdett - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. Robert Clark - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Justin Tyler Clayton - Cleveland, Tennessee
Dr. Jesse Coleman - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Tony Finnell - Decatur, Tennessee
Mr. Mike Garren - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Zach Jaggers - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Nita Jernigan - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Jennafer Jewell - Dayton, Tennessee
Dr. Nancy LaBine - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Valerie Malone - Dayton, Tennessee
Mr. William Pitt - East Ridge, Tennessee
Mr. Jeff Stewart - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Tony Sylvester - Chattanooga, Tennessee
​Ms. Alison Walker - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Randy White - Madisonville, Tennessee

Greg A Vital Center for Natural Resources and Conservation Advisory Council

Mr. Wally Akins - Crossville, Tennessee
Ms. Kimberly Burch - Benton, Tennessee
Mr. James Evans - Knoxville, Tennessee
Ms. Mary Miller - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Raymond Moore - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Katie Wisniewski - Nashville, Tennessee

Law Enforcement Advisory Council

Mr. Don Bivens - Madisonville, Tennessee
Mr. Tracy Blevins - Dayton, Tennessee
Mr. Eddie Byrum - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Julie Quinn - Cleveland, Tennessee
Mr. Matt Rose - Dayton, Tennessee
Mr. Steve Ross - Benton, Tennessee
Mr. Dan Seymour - Red Bank, Tennessee

Medical Assisting Advisory Council

Ms. Karen Bowman - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Monica Case - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Robin Davis - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Tanya Halcomb - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Debbie Higdon - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Joyce Jones - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Deborah Pease - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Tanisha Plummer - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Gina Shumway - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Mandy Sparks - Athens, Tennessee
Current MA Student Representative
Public Representative
Graduate of Program

Monroe County Business and Industry Advisory Council

Mr. Jarrod Brackett - Vonore, Tennessee
Ms. Amy Claridy - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Mark Clinton - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Tommy Connors - Vonore, Tennessee
Ms. Janie Evans - Madisonville, Tennessee
Mr. Mark Futrell - Madisonville, Tennessee
Ms. Brandy Gentry - Madisonville, Tennessee
Mr. Bryan Hall - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Ron Hammontree - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Richard Kirkland - Madisonville, Tennessee
Mr. Terry Knight - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Lisa Lingerfelt - Vonore, Tennessee
Ms. Sherry McConkey - Madisonville, Tennessee
Mr. Brad Millsaps - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Mike Mulcahey - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Mr. Mike Mund - Vonore, Tennessee
Ms. Tammy Myers - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Barbara Stephens - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. David Weaver - Vonore, Tennessee

Nursing Advisory Council

Ms. Shannon Anthony - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Linda Avila - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Amanda Ball - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Kathy Berger - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mr. David Bixler - Dayton, Tennessee
Ms. Samantha Bryant - Dayton, Tennessee
Dr. Sara Campbell - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Kristina Cherry - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Amy Davenport - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Susan Davidson - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Sherry Fusco - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Susan Goodman - Athens, Tennessee
Mr. Ron Hall - Athens, Tennessee
Dr. Martina Harris - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Christy Hennessee - Dayton, Tennessee
Ms. Andrea Henry - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Mickie Hollis - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Alise Holt - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Brittany Hopkins - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Toni Karimian - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Amy Martin - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Lacey Mason - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Ms. Shannon McBrayer - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Marina Musiyevich - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Julie Payne - Ooltewah, Tennessee
Ms. Tabitha Payne - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Kristin Powell - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Laura Rich - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Shelby Roberts - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Lori Rogers - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Connye Rowland - Decatur, Tennessee
Ms. Jill Steelman - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ms. Heather Tibbs - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Stephanie Works - Cleveland, Tennessee
Alumni Representative
Community Representative
Student Representative

Service-Learning Advisory Council

Chuck Barkley - Cleveland, Tennessee
Donna Brogdon - McDonald, Tennessee
Victoria Bryan - Hixson, Tennessee
Ann Cunningham - Cleveland, Tennessee
Debbie Felton - Cleveland, Tennessee
Sonya Franklin - Evensville, Tennessee
Sandra Godsey - Cleveland, Tennessee
Sherry Holloway - Cleveland, Tennessee
Margaret Horten - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Heidi McLean - Marietta, Georgia
Liz Moseley - Cleveland, Tennessee
Jana Pankey - Cleveland, Tennessee
Paul Puckett - Knoxville, Tennessee
Marci Reiter - Cleveland, Tennessee
April Sakowski - Cleveland, Tennessee
Nancy Thomas - Cleveland, Tennessee
Patty Weaver - Maryville, Tennessee
Susan Webb Curtis - Vonore, Tennessee
Student Representatives
Community Partner Representatives

Social Work Advisory Council

Ms. Monica Armstrong - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Lunelle Bertresse - Collegedale, Tennessee
Ms. Kristen Bohannon - Athens, Tennessee​
Dr. Corey Campbell - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Corinne Freeman - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Margaret Horten - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Linda Howerton - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Diana Jackson - Cleveland, Tennessee
Ms. Christine M. Saladino - Athens, Tennessee
Ms. Cathy Scott - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. Ryan Thompson - Cleveland, Tennessee
CSCC President
​Current Student Representative

Tennessee Marine Technology Advisory Council

Mr. Tommy Connor - Vonore Tennessee
Mr. Bryan Hall - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Ron Hammontree - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Peter Hedger - Knoxville, Tennessee
Ms. Kelly Hood - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Richard Kirkland - Vonore, Tennessee
Mr. Jesse Smith - Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Mr. John Unser - Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Mr. Steve Wolf - Vonore, Tennessee

CSCC Foundation

The Cleveland State Community College Foundation was established in 1971 as a separate not-for-profit entity to provide financial support to assist with meeting the strategic needs of Cleveland State Community College.  The Foundation was chartered by a group of civic, business and community leaders in cooperation with college officials.  

Governed by a Board of Trustees, the Foundation secures private contributions and bequests, and manages monies or properties given to the Foundation for the financial support of the College’s strategic mission.

Since 1971, with the generous and consistent investments of local friends of education and supporters of Cleveland State, the Foundation has provided more than $5.9 million dollars in scholarships to more than 7,000 students attending Cleveland State Community College. In 1986 Cleveland State became the first community college foundation in Tennessee to reach the $1 million dollar mark for their scholarship endowment; the current endowment fund of the Foundation totals more than $7.8 million and annual earnings continue to generate thousands of dollars each year for student scholarships.

Contact the Foundation Office at (423) 614-8700 or foundation@clevelandstatecc.edu.

Foundation Executive Board

Mr. Mike Griffin, Chair
Mr. Gary Fuller, Past-Chair
Ms. Nancy Casson, Vice-Chair
Ms. Ann Y. McCoin, Secretary
Mr. Buster Stuart, Treasurer
Mr. Ron Braam, Development Committee Chair
Mr. Bob McIntire, Scholarship and Student Advancement Committee Chair
Mr. Paul Willson, Finance and Investment Committee Chair
Dr. Ann Y. McCoin, Governance and Membership Committee Chair
Ms. Sherra Witt, Member-at-Large
Mr. Rick Platz, Member-at-Large
Dr. Bill Seymour, CSCC President

Board of Trustees

Mr. Matt Bentley
Mr. Ron Braam
Mr. Jonathan Cantrell
Ms. Amy Card-Lillios
Ms. Nancy Casson
Mr. Dan Cooke
Mr. Gary Fuller
Mr. Mike Griffin
Mr. Ron Hammontree
Mr. S. K. Johnston Jr.
Mr. Bob McIntire
Ms. Ann Y. McCoin
Mr. Bob McIntire
Mr. Bill Moats
Mr. Davis Morelock
Mr. Rick Platz
Ms. Margaret Schenck
Dr. Bill Seymour
Mr. Mark Smith
Mr. Buster Stuart
Mr. Scott Taylor
Mr. Joe Waters
Mr. Paul Willson
Ms. Sherra Witt
Ms. Melissa Woody
Mr. Jim Workman

CSCC Alumni Community Council

Ms. Holly Appleton
Mr. Robert Bradney
Ms. Sherry Crye
XX. Adrian Lambert
Mr. Jeramie Mantooth
Ms. Carolina Roman
Mr. Hugh Willson
Ms. Melissa Woody