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2011-2012 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2011-2012 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED]


Tennessee Board of Regents

The State University and Community College
System of Tennessee
1415 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37217

Chairman (ex officio)

The Honorable Bill Haslam
Governor of the State of Tennessee


Agenia Clark, 7th Congressional District, 2010-2016
John S. “Steve” Copeland, DVM, 6th Congressional District, 2009-2012
Gregory Duckett, 9th Congressional District, 2006-2012
Barry Gidcomb, Faculty Regent, 2010-2011
Danni B. Varlan, 2nd Congressional District, 2010-2013
John Farris, At-Large West Tennessee, 2008-2014
Honorable Julius Johnson, Commissioner of Agriculture
Tom Griscom, 3rd Congressional District, 2010-2011
Jonas Kisber, 8th Congressional District, 2008-2014
Fran Marcum, 4th Congressional District, 2010-2016
Paul W. Montgomery, 1st Congressional District, 2007-2013
Casey McCullum, Student Regent, 2010-2011
Dr. Richard Rhoda, Executive Director of the Tennessee
Higher Education Commission
Howard Roddy, At-Large, East Tennessee, 2010-2016
Emily Reynolds, At-Large, Middle Tennessee, 2010-2012
Robert P. Thomas, Vice Chair, 5th Congressional District, 2009-2015

Executive Staff

John Morgan, Chancellor
Dr. Paula Short, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
David Gregory, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Facilities Management
James King, Vice Chancellor for Tennessee Technology Centers
Tom Danford, Chief Information Officer
Christine Modisher, General Counsel and Board Secretary
Monica Grippin, Interim Communications Director
Dr. Dale Sims, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
Wendy Thompson, Vice Chancellor for Access and Diversity
Phyllis Anderson, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Sonya Mason, Executive Assistant to the Board Secretary and General Counsel

Cleveland State Personnel Executive Administrative Offices

Office of the President

Dr. Carl Hite, President
Linda Everett, Administrative Assistant
Alvin Bishop, Director, Internal Auditing

Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Jerry Faulkner, Vice President
Laura Brogden, AS, CPS, Executive Secretary
Charlene Maples, AS, Clerk–Typist

Office of Finance and Administration

Dr. Thomas Wright, Vice President
Vivian Rapier, AS, CPS, Executive Secretary

Office of Student Services

Dr. Michael Stokes, Vice President
Barbara Nipper, AAS, AS, CPS, Executive Secretary

Office of Human Resources

Joan Bates, Director
Anne Clark, BA, CPS, Personnel Assistant
Cynthia Brooks, AAS, BS, MA, CPS,
Coordinator of Evening and Adjunct Faculty

Office of Institutional Advancement

Beirné Beaty, Director
Barbara Eaves, BS,AAS,CPS, Account Clerk
Michelle Anderson, Grants/Development Specialist
Deborah McLachlan, BS, MEd, Clerk-Typist

Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Marcia Owens, Director
Doyle Hawkins, AAS, CPS, Research Technician

Office of Administrative and Governmental Services

Ennis Taylor, Director
September Johnson, Clerk–Typist

Office of Finance and Administration

Dr. Thomas Wright, Vice President
Vivian Rapier, AS, CPS, Executive Secretary
Susan Birdwell, Purchasing Agent
Amy Norwood, College Information Receptionist
Yolanda Gibson, College Information Receptionist

Business Office

Shirley Eldredge, Business Manager
Dawn Carpenter, Director of Accounting
Wilma Ownby, AS, Accounting Clerk
Kortney Allen, BA, CPS Cashier
Melissa Lee, AAS, Accounting Clerk
Amber Plemons, AAS, CPS, Accounting Clerk
Wynonia McKinney, AS, CPS, Accounting Clerk
Sinthea Reynolds, AS, Coordinator of Student Accounts

Information Technology

Rick Cumby, Director
Kitty Beard, Clerk–Typist
Kimberly Hicks, Systems Manager
Roger Parsons, Business and Systems Analyst
Lisa Campbell, Programmer/Analyst
Bryan Sledge, Business Systems Analyst/System Administrator
Ted Lee, Programmer/Analyst
Sandra Redmer, BS, Computer Operator
Chris Mowery, Systems Analyst
Andy Semak, Manager, Network and PC Support Services
James Bettis, AAS, PC/Network Technician
Kelly Blevins, AAS, PC/Network Technician

Plant Operations

Vacant, Director
Amy Buckner, AS, Clerk–Typist
Gene Queen, Maintenance Worker
Vacant, Electrician
Vacant, Heating/Air Conditioning Mechanic
Bill Bailey, AAS, Maintenance Coordinator
Tammy York, Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Troy Derrick, Maintenance Utility Worker
Suzanne Bennett, BS, Horticulture Technician
Buck Kerr, Grounds Worker
Clifford Keith, Grounds Foreman
Tony Fox, Evening Custodial Foreman
Rodney Baker, Custodian
Amy Derrick, Custodian, Athens Site
Louishes Barnett, Custodian
Vacant, Custodian
Roger Regenthal, Custodian
John Upchurch, AAS, Custodian
Ricky Walker, Custodian

Safety and Security

John Wittmaier, BS, Coordinator
Gene Howard, Security Guard
Donald Upchurch, Security Guard
Frederick Davi, Security Guard, Athens Site

Office of Student Services

Dr. Michael Stokes, Vice President
Barbara Nipper, AAS, AS, CPS, Executive Secretary

Admissions and Records

Midge Burnette, Director
Gail Greenwood, Student Records Coordinator
Amanda Stokes, BS, Graduation Coordinator
Lindsey Mowery, BS, Transcript Analyst
Ray Goad, BS, Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Betsy Blankenship, Clerk–Typist
Kim Wills, BA, Admissions Coordinator
Ruth Kirkendall, BS, Admissions Coordinator

Advising, Counseling, Career Enhancement, Student Success (ACCESS) Center

Mark Wilson, Director
Mary Calfee, AAS, CPS, Clerical Coordinator
Amy Derrick, Counselor/Coordinator of Student ADA
Natalia Williams, Counselor/Coordinator of Student Diversity Programs
Judy Nye, Counselor/Coordinator of Testing Services
Norma Capone, Counselor/Coordinator of Allied Health Careers Outreach Program
Wanda Huffman, AAS,BS,MA,CPS, Testing Administrator
Marlene Teague, AS, Testing Technician

Bonnie Womac, BS, WIA/TAA Coordinator


Mike Policastro, Athletic Director/Baseball Coach
Sheila Smith, BS, Clerical Coordinator–Athletics and Student Relations
Lee Cigliano, Men’s Basketball Coach
Dan Lumpkin, Women’s Basketball Coach
VKatherine Willingham, Women’s Softball Coach

Financial Aid

Brenda Di Sorbo, Director
Vacant, Secretary
Jennifer Evans, BAS, CPS, Financial Aid Coordinator
Jamie Hamby, Counselor
Judy Price, Counselor

Reed Allison, BM, Enrollment Services Technical Specialist

Marketing and Public Information

Anthony Bartolo, Director
Donna Benton, Graphics Designer/Publications Coordinator
John Dezember, Web Developer
Holly Trotter-Vincent, Public Information Officer

Amber Hayes, BS, Marketing Assistant

Recruitment and Enrollment Development

Suzanne Bayne, Recruitment and Enrollment Development Coordinator
Jan Peterson, AAS, Student Services Coordinator
Lee Cigliano, Admissions Recruiter
Dan Lumpkin, Admissions Recruiter

Student Relations

Jason Sewell, Director
Katherine Willingham, Coordinator of Student Activities
Chad Cameron, Fitness Coordinator

Academic Units

Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Jerry Faulkner, Vice President
Laura Brogden, AS, CPS, Executive Secretary
Charlene Maples, AS, Clerk–Typist
Michelle Jenkins, AAS, BS, CPS, Secretary, Athens Site
Patty Weaver, Director, Off-Campus Sites
Marchelle Wear, AS, Secretary, Athens Site
Maribeth Moore, BA, MA, MS, Evening Coordinator, Athens Site
Lloyd Longnion, Director, Training and Continuing Education
Barbara Werenko, AS, CPS, Secretary, Training and Continuing Education

Business and Technology

Sherra Witt, Dean
Joyce Chapman, AAS,CPS, Secretary
Ann Cunningham, Chair, Business Department
Dan Wallen, Coordinator, ADVANCE Option
Allan Gentry, Chair, Technology Department
Kathy Stutzman, Clerk–Typist
David Laman, AS, Shop Technician
Dwight Williams, Instructor/Director of Law Enforcement Training
Jarrett Crawford, Instructor/Assistant Director of Law Enforcement Training
Glendia Ball, BS, Secretary
Brenda Sheehy, Director, Small Business Development Center
David Hudson, Small Business Specialist
Jennifer DeCook, BA, Information Processing Specialist

Health and Wellness and Nursing

Nancy LaBine, Dean and Director of Nursing
Joyce Brock, AS, CPS, Secretary
Kelly Ford, AAS, Laboratory Technician

Humanities and Social Sciences

Fred Wood, Interim Dean
Clara Beck, AAS,CPS, Secretary
Janice Casson, Clerk–Typist
Julie Fulbright, Chair, Humanities Department
James Silver, BA, Language Arts Learning Center Coordinator
Anita Oliver, BA, Learning Center Specialist
Suzanne Wood, Chair, Social Sciences Department

Science and Mathematics

Mitchell Rhea, Dean
Lauralyn Anderson, AAS,CPS, Secretary
Karen Wyrick, Chair, Mathematics Department
Kimberly Harrington, BS, Math Lab Specialist
Denice King, Chair, Natural Sciences Department
Rebecca Locke, BS, Laboratory Assistant
Jennifer Minutolo, Developmental Studies Coordinator

Instructional Technology and Multi–Media Services

Ronald Paige, Director
Ashley Raburn, BS, MS, Instructional Technology Specialist
Larry Burns, AS, Media Specialist


Mary Evelyn Lynn, Director
Suzanne Ratcliff, AAS,CPS, Secretary
Andrew Foskey, Librarian 1
Monica Twork, Librarian 1
Teresa Engebretson, BS, Library Assistant 3
Sarah Copeland, MS, Copy Catalog Coordinator
Slade Scoggins, AS, Library Clerk

Administration and Faculty

Parenthesis indicates year staff member joined Cleveland State.

Adcock, Ken R. (1995)
Professor, Business Management
BS 1964, Tennessee Technological University– Mathematics
MBA 1976, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Business Administration
PhD 1992, University of Tennessee at Knoxville– Education

Anderson, L. Michelle (2003)
Grants/Development Specialist
BA 1992, East Carolina University–Art History
MA 1997, Old Dominion University–Urban Studies

Augustine, Mathai K. (1996)
Professor, Mathematics/Physics
BS 1977, University of Kerala–Mathematics
MS 1979, University of Kerala–Mathematics
MPh 1986, University of Kerala–Mathematics
PhD 1990, North Carolina State University–Mathematics

Augustine, Molly (2010)
Instructor, Mathematics
BS 1986, Gandhiji University–Mathematics
BS 1999, Tennessee Wesleyan College–Business Administration
MS 1988, Mahatma Gandhi University–Statistics

Barkley, Charles B. (2004)
Associate Professor, Technology
BS 1993, Jacksonville State University–Geography

Bartolo, Anthony P. (2003)
Director of Marketing and Public Information
BFA 1981, Middle Tennessee State University– Commercial Art

Bates, Joan M. (1980)
Director of Human Resources
AS 1979, Cleveland State Community College– Secretarial Science
BS 1985, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Office Administration
MS 1987, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Psychology
Senior Professional in Human Resources

Bayne, K. Suzanne (2000)
Coordinator of Recruitment and Enrollment Development
BA 1999, Brewton-Parker College–Fitness and Wellness
MA 2005, Tennessee Technological University–Education

Beaty, Z. Beirné (1998)
Director of Institutional Advancement
BS 1975, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Health, Physical Education and Recreation
MEd 1986, Peabody of Vanderbilt–Higher Education Administration

Benson, Willie E. (1989)
Assistant Professor, Music
BMEd 1987, East Tennessee State University–Music Education
MM 1989, University of Arizona-Tucson–Music Performance

Benton, Donna J. (2009)
Graphic Designer/Publications Coordinator
AAS 2003, Chattanooga State Community College–Advertising Arts
BFA 2006, University of Memphis–Graphic Design

Birdwell, Susan (2006)
Purchasing Agent
AS 1999, Cleveland State Community College– General Business
BS 2003, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– General Management

Bishop, Alvin E. (1995)
Director of Internal Auditing
BS 1987, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Business Administration: Accounting
Certified Public Accountant
Certified Government Financial Manager

Brewer Jr., Robert L. (2003)
Associate Professor, Biology
BS 1990, University of Tennessee at Knoxville– Wildlife & Fisheries
MS 1999, University of Tennessee at Knoxville–Ecology

Bryant, Aaron C. (2007)
Assistant Professor, Physical Education/Assistant Baseball Coach
BS 2001, Tennessee Wesleyan College–Exercise Science
MA 2003, University of Central Florida–Clinical Exercise Psysiology

Burnette, Midge A. (2000)
Director of Admissions and Records
BS 1973, University of Tennessee at Knoxville– Elementary Education
MS 1978, University of Tennessee at Knoxville– Educational Psychology/Counseling

Cagle, Miranda C. (2007)
Assistant Professor, Biology
BS 1997, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga–Biology
MS 2001, Southern Illinois University–Zoology

Cameron, M. Chad (2002)
Fitness Center Coordinator
BS 2002, Lee University–Health Science and Fitness/Wellness
MA 2008, Tennessee Technological University– Education

Campbell, Lisa (2006)
AS 1987, Chattanooga State Technical Community
College–Information Systems Technology

Capone, Norma J. (2006)
Counselor/Coordinator of Allied Health Careers Outreach Program
AA 1978, Midlands Technical Community College– Counseling
BA 1979, University of South Carolina–Education
MEd 1981, University of South Carolina–Vocational Rehabilitation

Carpenter, Dawn E. (2010)
Director of Accounting
BS 2006, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga–Business Administration

Carr, Michael S. (2009)
Instructor, Speech
BA 1999, University of Central Missouri–Broadcasting Media
MA 2002, University of Central Missouri–Communication

Carroll, Mildred J. (2009)
Instructor, Nursing
BSN 1981, Jacksonville State University–Nursing
MSN 2009, RODP East Tennessee State University–Nursing

Carter, DeVette J. (2009)
Instructor, Emergency Medical Technician
AS 1998, Chattanooga State Community College–General Transfer

Cigliano, Lee M. (1996)
Men’s Basketball Coach/Admissions Recruiter
AS 1986, Cleveland State Community College– Business Administration
BBA 1988, Belmont University–Business Management
MA 1990, Cumberland College–Secondary Education
EdD 2006, East Tennessee State University– Educational Leadership

Crawford, Jarrett O. (2006)
Instructor/Assistant Director of Law Enforcement Training
AS 1978, University of Maryland–Criminal Justice
BPA 2003, Barry University–Public Administration
MS 2008, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga– Criminal Justice

Crockett, Jean M. (1993)
Associate Professor, English
BA 1973, Winthrop College–English
MA 1975, Florida State University–Comprehensive
Program in American and British Literature

Cumby, Ricky D. (1998)
Director of Information Technology
BS 1981, Tennessee Technological University– Psychology

Cunningham, E. Ann (2001)
Associate Professor, Computer and Information Systems
BS 1985, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Secondary Education
MA 2003, Tennessee Technological University– Instructional Leadership

Dale, Karen M. (2008)
Associate Professor, Music
AFA 1979, Brevard College–Music
BA 1982, Winthrop University–Music
MM 1984, East Carolina University–Choral Conducting

Daniel, May (2010)
Instructor, Office Systems Administration
AAS 1988, Cleveland State Community College-Office Systems Admistration
BS 2004, Covenant College-Organizational Management
MA 2007, Tennessee Technological University-Intructional Leadership

Derrick, Amy L. (1996)
Counselor/Student ADA Coordinator
BA 1988, Carson-Newman College–Family/Consumer Science
MS 1997, University of Tennessee–Student Personnel

Dezember, John W. (2011)
Web Developer
AAS 2008, ITT Technical Institute-Web Development

Dickinson, Ray V. (2010)
Instructor, Chemistry
BS 1998, Pacific Union College-Chemistry
MS 2004, California State University-Chemistry

DiSorbo, Brenda G. (2010)
Director of Financial Aid
BS 2001, Nova Southeastern University–Liberal Arts
MS 2004, Nova Southeastern University–Public Administration

Eldredge, Shirley A. (1984)
Business Manager
AS 1979, Cleveland State Community College–Business
BS 1981, Middle Tennessee State University–Accounting

Everett, Linda N. (1986)
Administrative Assistant
AS 1973, Cleveland State Community College– Secretarial Science
BS 1995, Covenant College–Organizational Management

Felton, Debbie (2000)
Instructor, Developmental Studies–Reading/Learning Strategies
BS 1975, Lee College–Elementary Education
MEd 1980, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Elementary Education/Reading

Foskey, Andrew M. (2010)
BA 2003, Warren Wilson College-Humanities
MLIS 2008, University of North Carolina-Library Studies

Fowler, Amy E. (1996)
Associate Professor, Business
BS 1981, University of Tennessee–Marketing
MBA 1983, University of Tennessee–Finance

Fox, Thomas L. (1992)
Associate Professor, Mathematics
AB 1969, University of Chattanooga–Mathematics
MEd 1975, Georgia State University–Mathematics Education
PhD 1998, University of Tennessee–Education

Faulkner, Jerry L. (2009)
Vice President for Academic Affairs
BS 1983, Tennessee Temple University–Secondary Education
MS 1987, University of Tennessee-Knoxvile–Botany
PhD 1994, University of Tennessee-Knoxvile–Botany

Franklin, Sonya C. (2009)
Instructor, Nursing
AS 2001, Black Hawk Community College–Nursing
BSN 2003, University of Illinois at Chicago–Nursing
MSN 2006, University of Phoenix–Nursing

Fulbright, Julie A. (2001)
Associate Professor, English
BA 1995, Tennessee Wesleyan College–English
MA 1998, Middle Tennessee State University–English

Gentry, Allan M. (2007)
Assistant Professor, Technology
AS 1974, Cleveland State Community College– Pre-Engineering
BS 1976, Tennessee Technological University– Mechanical Engineering
MS 2002, University of Alabama–Engineering Management

Greenwood, Gail E. (1991)
Student Records Coordinator
AAS 1983, Cleveland State Community College– Office Careers
BAS 2000, Tennessee Wesleyan College–Business Administration

Greenwood, Neil V. (1992)
Professor, History
BA 1983, California State University, Fullerton–History
MA 1984, University of California, Los Angeles–History
PhD 1991, University of California, Los Angeles–History

Guardiani, David L. (1989)
Associate Professor, Mathematics
BA 1987, Grove City College–Mathematics
MA 1989, University of Pittsburgh–Mathematics

Hamby, Jamie L. (2004)
Counselor, Financial Aid
BS 2000, Carson Newman College–Business Administration
MA 2005, Tennessee Technological University– Instructional Leadership

Hannah, John M. (2007)
Instructor, Technology
BS 1972, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Industrial Engineering

Hasting, Jayne H. (2003)
Associate Professor, English
BA 2000, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– English
MA 2001, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– English

Hays, Stephen D. (2008)
Assistant Professor, Biology
BS 2002, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Chemistry
MD 2007, East Tennessee State University–Medicine

Herrig, Nancy (2008)
Assistant Professor, Nursing
BSN 1975, South Dakota State University–Nursing
MS 1987, University of Colorado–Community Health Nursing

Hicks, Kimberly J. (2010)
Systems Manager
BS 1987, DeVry University–Computer Information Systems

Hight, A. Victoria (2003)
Assistant Professor, Nursing
BSN 1989, Southern Adventist University–Nursing
MSN 1999, Andrews University–Nursing

Hite, Carl M. (1996)
BA 1969, Florida State University–History
MAT 1970, University of Florida–American History
PhD 1975, University of Florida–Higher Education Administration

Hoffer, S. Alejandra (2002)
Assistant Professor, Spanish
BA 1982, University of Chile–Music Education
MA 1989, Akron University–Spanish

Holcomb, Jason M. (2010)
Instructor, Emergency Medical Technician
AAS 2009, Chattanooga State Community College-Fire Science

Horten, Margaret M. (2009)
Instructor, Early Childhood Education
AS 1982, Chatttanooga State Community College–Early Childhood Education
BA 2002, Governor State University–Business Administration
MA 2005, University of Phoenix–Education
MA 2007, University of Phoenix–Early Childhood Education

King, Denice D. (1994)
Associate Professor, Biology
BA 1980, Carson Newman College–Biology
MS 1985, University of Tennessee at Knoxville– Microbiology

Kingsley, Karmon L. (2005)
Assistant Professor/Director, Medical Assistant Program
AAS 2000, Cleveland State Community College–Office Systems Administration
BS 2009, Middle Tennessee State University–Liberal Studies in Medicine and Education

LaBine, Nancy (2006)
Dean of Health/Wellness and Nursing
BSN 1984, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Nursing
MSN 1998, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Nursing

Lee, Ted M. (1995)
Computer Programmer/Analyst
AS 1983, Chattanooga State Community College
College–Information Systems

Longnion, Lloyd R. (2009)
Director, Training and Continuing Education
BBA 1970, Lamar University–Business
MEd 1973, Texas A&M University–Adult Education

Lumpkin, Dan M. (1997)
Admissions Recruiter/Women’s Basketball Coach
BS 1992, Austin Peay State University–English
MA 1994, Austin Peay State University–English

Lynn, Mary Evelyn (1999)
Director of Library Services
BS 1967, University of Tennessee, Knoxville–Zoology
MS 1968, Louisiana State University–Library Science

McLeod, Mark G. (2008)
Assistant Professor, Art
BFA 2002, Winthrop University–Sculpture
MFA 2006, Syracuse University–Sculpture

Meir, James B. (1996)
Associate Professor, Accounting
BS 1982, Oral Roberts University– Telecommunications
MS 1987, Oklahoma State University–Accounting
Certified Public Accountant

Minutolo, Jennifer S. (2003)
Associate Professor, Mathematics
BS 2001, Lee University–Mathematics
MAT 2003, University of Florida–Mathematics

Moseley, Elizabeth J. (2010)
Instructor, Psychology
BS 1999, Baptist Bible College-PreCounseling
MS 2000, Baptist Bible Graduate School-Counseling
Ed,D 2006, Argosy University-Counseling

Newton, Kenneth E. (1971)
Associate Professor, Business
BS 1966, University of Tennessee–Industrial Management
MBA 1970, University of Tennessee–Marketing

Norton, Judy S. (2000)
Associate Professor, Nursing
ASN 1990, Cleveland State Community College– Nursing
BSN 1999, Regents College of New York–Nursing
MSN, 2005, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga– Nursing

Norwood, Varrill M. (2010)
Instructor, Chemistry
BA 1980, Holycross College-Chemistry
Ph.D 1985, Utah State University-Chemistry

Nye, Judy C. (2000)
Counselor/Coordinator of Testing Services
BA 1981, Lincoln Memorial University–Social Work
MA 2007, Tennessee Technological University– Instructional Leadership

Ofori, Samuel (1992)
Associate Professor, Mathematics
BS 1978, University of Cape Coast, Ghana–Mathematics
MA 1984, Bowling Green State University– Computer Science
PhD 1989, Bowling Green State University– Statistics

Ormsby, Kelly D. (2004)
Associate Professor, English/Developmental Studies
BA 1999, Middle Tennessee State University–English
MA 2004, Middle Tennessee State University–English

Orr, Harry D. III (1996)
Professor, Technology
BA, 1963, Williams College–Physics
MS, 1965, University of South Carolina–Physics
PhD, 1972, University of South Carolina–Physics

Owens, Marcia (2006)
Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
BS 1986, Tennessee Temple University–Business Administration
MEd 1995, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga–Guidance and Counseling

Paige, Ronald D. (2006)
Director, Instructional Technology and Multi-Media Services
BA 1969, Hartwick College–English Education
MS 1975, State University of New York at Albany–Education
PhD 2007, Walden University–Education

Pankey, Jana M. (2006)
Assistant Professor, Human Services/Social Work
AS 1987, Cleveland State Community College–Criminal Justice
BS 1989, Tennessee Wesleyan College–Human Services
MSSW 1993, University of Tennessee at Knoxville–Social Work

Parsons, Roger H. (2008)
Business and Systems Analyst
BS 1969, University of Tulsa–Chemical Engineering

Peters, James E. (2009)
Instructor, Biology
BS 2002, St. Louis University–Biology
BA 2002, St. Louis University–Theology
MS 2006, Southern Illinois University–Biology

Policastro, Michael A. (1993)
Athletic Director/Baseball Coach
BS 1983, Tennessee Wesleyan College–Health/Physical Education

Price, Judy L. (1988)
Counselor/Financial Aid
AA 1981, Lakeland Community College–Liberal Arts
BA 1983, Ohio University–English

Puckett, David Paul (2010)
Instructor, Mathematics
AA 1990, Western Piedmont Community College-Pre-Mathematics
BS 1992, Appalachian State University-Mathematics
MS 2001, University of North Carolina-Mathematics

Puckett, Jane R. (2005)
Associate Professor, Economics
AA 1973, Wilkes Community College–Liberal Arts
AAS 1975, Wilkes Community College–Counselor
BS 1981, Western Carolina University–Business Administration
MBA 1986, Western Carolina University–Management

Redmond, Scott A. (2001)
Associate Professor, English
BS 1992, Lee University–Theology
MA 1996, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– English

Reed, Bryan K. (2004)
Associate Professor, History
BA 1991, Lee College–History
MA 1994, East Tennessee State University–History

Rhea, Mitchelle A. (2011)
Dean, Science and Mathematics
BS 1983 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga-Chemistry
Ph.D 1990, University of Tennessee Knoxville-Chemistry

Semak, Joseph A. (1992)
Manager, Network and PC Support Services
AAS 1991, Community College of the Air Force– Information Systems
BS 1992, Bellevue University–Professional Studies

Saez, Megen E. (2010)
Instructor, Computer Science
BS 2002, Lee University-Computer Information Science
MSCIS 2004, University of Phoenix-Computer Information Science
D Mgmt 2009, University of Phoenix-Management

Sewell, Jason A. (1998)
Director of Student Relations
BS 1993, Tennessee Wesleyan College–Physical Education
MA 2001, Tennessee Technological University– Instructional Leadership
EdS 2004, Tennessee Technological University– Instructional Leadership

Shearer, Jennifer N. (2010)
Instructor, Nursing
BSN 1997, University of Tennessee at Knoxville-Nursing
MSN 2009, Tennessee State University-Nursing

Sheehy, Brenda J. (2008)
Small Business Specialist
BA 1980, William Smith College –Psychology/Dance
MS 1993, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Sledge, Bryan E. (2011)
Business Systems Analyst/System Administrator
BS 2010, DeVry University-Web Programming

Steele-Wilkinson, Dawn L. (2004)
Associate Professor, Nursing
BSN 1998, Pensacola Christian College–Nursing
MSN 2002, University of Mobile–Nursing

Stokes, C. Michael (1992)
Vice President for Student Services
ABA 1983, Middle Georgia College–Business
BBA 1985, Georgia Southern College–Finance
MEd 1988, Georgia State University–Vocational/Career Development
EdD 1992, University of North Carolina, Greensboro–Higher Education Administration

Taylor, Ennis W. (1987)
Director of Administrative and Governmental Services
BA 1973, Carson–Newman College–Psychology
MS 1978, University of Tennessee–Educational Psychology

Thomas, Nancy M. (2008)
Associate Professor, Nursing
BSN 1982, Mississippi College–Nursing
MSN 1986, University of Alabama/Birmingham–Nursing

Thompson, Ryan K. (2006)
Assistant Professor, History
BA 1997, Brigham Young University–History
MA 2000, University of Connecticut–History

Tolbert, Matthew W. (2007)
Assistant Professor, Psychology
BA 2001, Southern Adventist University–Religious Studies
MS 2005, Southern Adventist University–Community Counseling

Trotter-Vincent, Holly M. (2002)
Public Information Officer
AS 1997, Cleveland State Community College–Arts and Sciences
BS 1999, Tennessee Technological University–English/ Journalism
MA 2003, Tennessee Technological University– Education

Twork, Monica L. (2010)
BA 2004, Grinnell College-English Literature
MSLS 2009, University of North Carolina-Library Science

Uhl, Robert H. (2009)
Assistant Professor, Computer Information Technology
AAS 2002, Cleveland State Community College–Business and Management

Wallen, Daniel L. (2002)
Assistant Professor/ADVANCE Option Coordinator
BCE 1968, University of Virginia–Chemical Engineering
MBA 1974, West Virginia University–Business Administration

Weaver, Patricia A. (2006)
Director, Off-Campus Sites
BS 1980, University of Tennessee, Knoxville– Education
MA 2001, Tusculum College–Education

Webb-Curtis, Susan B. (1988)
Associate Professor, Cooperative Education
AA 1981, Hiwassee College–General
BS 1983, East Tennessee State University–Psychology
MEd 1988, Stetson University–Counseling

Williams, Dwight A. (2005)
Instructor/Director of Law Enforcement Training
BS 1988, University of Tennessee, Knoxville–Business Administration
MS 2008, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Criminal Justice

Williams, Natalia D. (2000)
Counselor/Coordinator of Student Diversity Programs
BS 1995, Middle Tennessee State University–Child Development and Family Services
MEd 1999, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga– Guidance and Counseling

Wilson, Mark R. (1993)
Director of the ACCESS Center
BS 1987, Tennessee Technological University– Psychology
MA 1988, Tennessee Technological University– Educational Psychology and Counselor Education
National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Wilson, Penni J. (2005)
Associate Professor, Biology
AS 1989, Lincoln Land Community College–Biology
BA 1991, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale– Biology
MS 1995, Eastern Illinois University–Biology

Witt, Sherra A. (1977)
Dean, Business and Technology
BS 1969, University of Cincinnati–Business Education
MAE 1974, Ball State University–Business Education

Womac, Charlie H. (1993)
Associate Professor, Technology
AA 1975, Hiwassee College–Industrial Technology
BS 1978, Tennessee Technological University– Industrial Technology
MS 2001, University of Tennessee, Knoxville– Human Resources

Wood, Frederick A. (1970)
Interim Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
BA 1967, University of Chattanooga–English Literature
MA 1970, University of Tennessee–English

Wood, Suzanne A. (2000)
Associate Professor/Coordinator of Early Childhood Education
BS 1977, University of Tennessee, Knoxville–Child and Family Studies
MS 1979, University of Tennessee, Knoxville–Child and Family Studies

Wooten, Leslie E. (1969)
Professor, Sociology
BS 1965, University of Chattanooga–Secondary Education
MA 1969, Middle Tennessee State University–Sociology
PhD 1979, Mississippi State University–Sociology

Wright, David B. (2010)
Instructor, Chemistry
BA 1973, King College-Chemistry
BS 1975, University of Tennessee at Knoxville-Chemical Engineering
MS 1977, University of Tennessee at Knoxville-Chemical Engineering

Wright, Thomas F. (2010)
Vice President for Finance and Administration
BS 1991, Middle Tennessee State University–Mass Communications
MEd 1992, Middle Tennessee State University–Administration and Supervision
EdS 1995, Middle Tennessee State University–Administration and Supervision
EdD 1998, Tennessee State University–Administration and Supervision

Wyrick, Karen (1992)
Associate Professor, Mathematics
AS 1988, Roane State Community College–Mathematics
BS 1990, Middle Tennessee State University– Mathematics and Computer Science
MS 1992, Middle Tennessee State University– Mathematics

Yates, Dale L. (1974)
Associate Professor, Computer and Information Technology
BS 1969, East Tennessee State University–Economics
MBA 1972, East Tennessee State University–Accounting
Certified Public Accountant


Emeritus status is an honor bestowed upon an individual with a minimum of ten years service at retirement for distinguished service to the college. Emeritus status is granted by the president of the institution. President emeritus status is granted by the Tennessee Board of Regents upon recommendation of the chancellor. Those receiving emeritus status are entitled to a number of privileges and benefits accorded by the institution.

Adams, Ozane R. (1996)
Served as Professor of Health and Physical Education, 1967–96.

Adkisson, David F. †1912-1993 (1978)
President Emeritus (1978)
Founding President, 1967–1978.

Banta, F. Dean †1914-2006 (1978)
Served as Head of the Education, Psychology and HPER Department, 1973–1978; Dean of Instruction, 1967– 1973.

Barker, Mary T. (1992)
Served as Dean of Academic Affairs, 1988–1992; Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, 1987–1988; Director of Institutional Planning and Research, 1984–1987; Associate Dean for Arts and Sciences, 1978–1984; Head of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1977–1978; Head of Humanities, 1973–1977; Professor of English, 1968–1984.

Basham, Renate G. (2001)
Served as Executive Vice President and Dean of the Faculty, 1994–2001; Interim President, 1996; Dean of Academic Affairs, 1992–1994; Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences, 1988–1992; Associate Professor, 1981–1988; Head of Humanities, 1978–1984; Assistant Professor, 1971–1981; Instructor of German, 1968–1971.

Belk, Carole A. (2008)
Served as Purchasing Agent, 1987-2006; Office Manager, 1984-1987; Account Clerk 2, 1980-1984; Accounting Technician, 1979-1980; Clerk 2, 1978-1979; Clerk, 1977- 1978.

Bishop, Patricia K. (2011)
Served as Associate Professor of Psychology, 2005-2009; Assistant Professor, 1980-1985; Instructor, 1973-1980. Adjunct Faculty 1990, 1993-94, 1996, 1998, 2003-04, 2010.

Boles, Thomas R. †1923 –2004 (1985)
Served as Associate Professor of Music, 1967–1985.

Boyd, Nancy D. (2007)
Served as Associate Professor of Office Administration, 1977-2006; Chair, Business Department, 1995-2001; Assistant Professor, 1971-1977; Coordinator, Business Career Programs, 1974-1976; Instructor, 1968-1971; Adjunct Instructor 2006-2008.

Boynton, Paul C. (1982)
Served as Counselor of Student Personnel, 1968–1982.

Bradley, John M. †1944-2009 (2005)
Served as Associate Professor of Speech and English, 1976–1999; Assistant Professor, 1970–1976; Instructor, 1967–1970; Adjunct Instructor, 2000–2004.

Cantrell, John W. (2009)
Served as Associate Professor of Technology, 1978–2008; Assistant Professor, 1974–1978; Instructor, 1971–1974; Adjunct Instructor, 1990–2005.

Caruth, Janet S. (2011)
Served as Librarian, 1975-2010; Instructor/Library, 1974-1975.

Chumley, Jere L. (2004)
Served as Associate Professor of Art, 1967–2003; Coordinator of the Art Department, 1974–2003; Adjunct Instructor, 2004–2005.

Cigliano, James M. (2007)
Served as Vice President for Student Services, 1994- 2005; Dean of Student Affairs, 1987-1994; Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, 1984-1987; Associate Dean of Student Affairs, 1981-1984; Dean of Student Personnel Services, 1976-1981; Athletic Director, 1978-1996; Director of Admissions and Records and Financial Aid, 1974-1976; Director of Admissions and Records, 1967-1974; Post-retirement Comissioner of Tennessee Community College Athletic Association, 2009-Present; Post-retirement assistant with fund-raising and game administration, 2005-2006; Inducted into the Tennessee Junior and Community College Athletic Association Hall of Fame, 2001.

Clark, Marvin W. (Bill) (2011)
Served as Computer Operations Specialist, 1994-2010; Media Technician 1979-1994; Technician-Media Center, 1976-1979; Media Center Paraprofessional, 1975-1976. Interim Director of Instructional Computer Technology, 1998; Adjunct Faculty, 1996-1998, 2001.

Coleman, A. Ray (1988)
Served as Interim President, 1985; Dean of Administrative Services, 1987–1988, 1974–1981; Assistant to the President, 1986–1987, 1981–1985; Director of Research/ Director of Continuing Education, 1971–1974.

Culbreth, B. Spencer (1988)
Served as Vice President for Academic Affairs, 2005-2008; Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Division, 1994-2005; Assistant Dean of Humanities, 1984-1994; Chair, Humanities Department, 1978-1984; Professor of History, 1982-1994; Associate Professor of History, 1978-1982; Assistant Professor of History, 1974-1978; Instructor of History, 1971-1974.

Darcey, Helen D. (2011)
Served as Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1987-2009; Assistant Professor, 1983-1987; Instructor, 1979-1983; Adjunct Faculty, 1990-2004.

Davis, Norma L. (2003)
Served as Stenographer, 1967–1979; Clerk–Typist, 1979–1985; Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs, 1985–1988; Secretary for Athletics/Student Activities, 1988–2002.

Dean, Harry N. †1941-2008 (2004)
Served as Associate Professor of English, 1971–2003; Assistant Professor of English, 1974-1976; Instructor of English, 1971-1974.

Dorset, Michael A. (2009)
Served as Associate Professor of Biology, 1976–2008; Assistant Professor, 1971–1976; Instructor, 1968–1971; Adjunct Instructor, 1990–Present.

Eiswerth, Elizabeth L. (1999)
Served as Director of Nursing, 1996–1999; Associate Professor of Nursing, 1977–1996.

Ellis, Brenda K. (2011)
Served as Publications Coordinator Marketing Department, 2000-2009; Printing Services Supervisor Print Shop, 1990-2000; Secretary to Business Manager, 1977-1990; Accounting Clerk, 1974-1977; Cashier, 1974.

Fillers, Marilyn D. (2003)
Served as Associate Professor of English, 1968–2003.

Geren, Don M. (2010)
Served as Director, Small Business Development Center, 1990-2000; Administrative Coordinator, JTPA, 1988-1990; Job Development Coordinator, JTPA, 1986-1988; Adjunct Instructor, 1975-1998.

Goslen, Alan H. (2011)
Served as Librarian, 1997-2010.

Guest, Joe W. †1925-2010 (1992)
Served as Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1967– 1992.

Guy, Buford M. Jr. †1941-1999 (2000)
Served as Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, 1968–1999.

Johnson, John H. (1996)
Served as Associate Professor of Business, 1976–1996.
Johnson, Kathryn W. †1947–1999 (2000) Served as Assistant Professor of Biology, 1970–1999.

Lane, L. Quentin (1985)
President Emeritus (1985)
Served as President, 1978–85; Dean of Instruction, 1973–78; Director of Institutional Research, 1971–1973.

Lee, Glenna (2009)
Served as Associate Professor of Nursing, 1991–2003; Assistant Professor, 1985–1991; Instructor, 1982–1985.

Lillard, Roy G. †1913–1991 (1978)
Served as Head of Social Science, Business and Education Department, 1967–1976.

Martel, Sue H. (2000)
Served as Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1972–2000.

Mathai, Thottakara P. (2000)
Served as Professor of Chemistry 1968–2000; Chair, Natural Sciences Department, 1997–2000; Adjunct Instructor, 2001–2003.

Mathis, George L. †1916–2000 (1976)
Served as Dean of Students, 1967–1976.
McCaskill, Barry S. †1949–2003 (2004) Served as Associate Professor of Technology, 1978– 2003; Chair of the Technology Department, 1997–2003; Co-Interim Dean of the Division of Business and Technology, 2001–2002; Business, Industry and Government Specialist, Fall 2003.

McCoin, Ann Y. (2004)
Served as Professor of Criminal Justice, 1974– 2001; Coordinator of Legal Assistant Program, 1981–2001; Adjunct Instructor, 2002–2003.

McKenzie, Frank C. (2010)
Served as Dean, Business and Technology Division, 1994-2008; Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, 2001-2002; Professor and Assistant Dean, Business and Economics Division, 1984-1994; Associate Professor and Chair, Business Careers Department, 1981-1984; Assistant Professor and Chair, Business Careers Department, 1978-1981; Instructor, Manufacturing Technology, 1976-1978.

Miller, Sherry (2011)
Served as Executive Secretary, Student Services, 2002-2010; Secretary 3, 1998-2002; Secretary 2, Mathematics and Sience Division, 1986-1988; Account Clerk, Business Office, 1985-1986.

Millsaps, Irene P. †1929–2005 (1993)
Served as Assistant Dean of Physical Sciences and Technologies, 1969–1990; Professor of Mathematics, 1967–1990.

Nichols, Alex W. †1933–1996 (1995)
Served as Associate Professor–Computer and Information Systems, 1969–1994; Head of Computer Services Center, 1972–1977.

Ownby, Mitzi I. (2001)
Served as Account Clerk, 1972–1975; Executive Secretary to the President, 1975–1984; Secretary to the Executive Vice President, 1984–2001; part-time Clerk- Typist, 2001–2002.

Parks, Geraldine (2011)
Served as Director, Financial Aid, 1994-2010; Financial Aid Officer, 1989-1994; Assistant Coordinator Financial Aid, 1987-1989.

Pritchett, Josephine †1910–1994 (1976)
Served as Head of Office Careers Department, 1967– 1976.

Reiser, Matthew H. †1920–1999 (1993)
Served as Head of the Technology Division, 1969–1984; Professor of Technical Education, 1969–1989.

Rowlee, Edwin W. †1941-2010 (2011)
Served as Associate Professor, Chemistry, 1976-2009; Assistant Professor, 1972-1976; Instructor, 1969-1972; Adjunct Faculty 1990, 1993-94, 1996, 2003-04.

Sesler, Mason B. (1993)
Served as Associate Professor of Electronics 1975–1989

Speight, D. Larry (2008)
Served as Associate Professor of Biology, 1976-2006; Assistant Professor of Biology, 1971-1976; Instructor of Biology, 1968-1971.

Stubbs, James M. †1917–2002 (1982)
Served as Head of Criminal Justice and Legal Assistant Departments, 1971–1979; Personnel/Affirmative Action Officer, 1974–1982.

Taylor, Jerome G. (2004)
Served as Professor of History and Political Science, 1968–2003; Chair of Social Science Department, 1997–2003; Adjunct Instructor, 2003–2004.

Trewhitt, Katharine A. †1912-1999 (1987)
Served as Associate Professor of English, 1969–1978; Adjunct Instructor, 1978–1990.

Vroman, Hugh E. (1991)
Served as Professor of Biology, 1976–1990; Adjunct Instructor, 1990–2000.

Watts, David E. (2008)
Served as Assistant Vice President for Planning and Effectiveness, 2001-2005; Dean of Planning and Computer Technology and Director of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness, 1996-2001; Dean of Planning and Computer Technology, 1995-1996; Director of Institutional Planning and Research, 1989- 1995; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, 1980-1989; Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs, 1976-1980; Associate Professor of Biology, 1975-1980; Assistant Professor, 1971-1975; Instructor, 1971. Post-retirement appointment in Institutional Planning and Effectiveness, 2005-2006.

Watts, Judy C. (2008)
Served as Associate Professor of Biology, 2005; Assistant Professor of Biology, 1976-2005; Instructor of Biology, 1972-1976. Adjunct Faculty, 2005-2007.

Wheeler, Charles E. (2011)
Served as Dean, Mathematics and Science Division, 1994-2010; Assistant Dean, 1990-1994; Professor, Physics and Mathematics, 1983-1990; Associate Professor, 1980-1983; Assistant Professor, 1977-1980; Instructor, 1976-1977; Adjunct Faculty, 2010.

Wilson, Patricia L. (1999)
Served as Associate Professor of Nursing, 1972–1999.

Parentheses denotes year emeritus status was conferred.