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2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Transfer, A.A.

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Program outcomes: Students successfully completing this program will have completed a core of courses that satisfies general education requirements for the first two years of study at most regionally accredited colleges and universities. Most students will acquire sufficient knowledge that the institutional average score of graduating students on recognized tests of general education competencies will equal or exceed the national average among institutions of similar description and mission.

This program is designed for students who intend to transfer to senior institutions of higher education to complete requirements for bachelor of arts degrees. The general transfer major is subdivided into “emphasis” presented on the following pages. Students desiring other curricula (e.g., History, Sociology, Law, Dramatic Arts, Languages, English, Liberal Arts, etc.) may design their own programs within the framework of the following general requirements. If the student intends to transfer upon completion of the associate of arts degree, he/she should consult the academic advisor and refer to the senior institution catalog before beginning one of the emphasis.

Summary of Required General Education Hours

Courses in each general education category must be selected from the list in the General Education Program  .

Course  Semester Hours
Communication  9 hours
Humanities and/or Fine Arts  9 hours
   (at least one literature course)  
Social/Behavioral Sciences  6 hours
History1  6 hours
Natural Sciences  8 hours
Mathematics  3 hours
Foreign Language2  6 hours
Electives3  13 hours

1Students transferring to TBR universities should take American History (HIST 2010 and 2020). A semester of Tennessee History can be substituted for one of these. Students transferring to another university should select history courses appropriate to that institution.

2Most four-year colleges and universities require six hours of intermediate-level foreign language for a BA degree. Students might consider completing that requirement while at Cleveland State.

3Content and/or assignments for these courses may require the use of computers, media equipment, or access to the Internet. If you believe you might lack the technical skills necessary to succeed in class, advise the instructor immediately. In consultation with the instructor you may consider exploring one of the following options: the eLearning Lab, library resources, the Reading and Writing Center, or taking a computer class for credit.

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